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Mindfulness is a way of experiencing what you are doing with out the hang-ups of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow.

Mindfulness to reduce stress

We lead such busy lives that we rarely take time out to pause and really enjoy what we are experiencing.

It is in that pause that we can better experience the world around us and find a kind of inner peace. 

This can help to reduce stress and enable you to have the energy and focus required for todays world.

How do we become more Mindful?

By practicing just 10 minutes a day of conscious attention to what you are doing - walking the dog, watching a sunset, talking to a partner or any other activity, we will find we start to notice and enjoy these moments more. 

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How can I help?

I can provide guidance to individuals or organisations on ways that we can incorporate mindfulness into our general day to day activities ranging from leaving the phone at home when walking the dog to learning to mediate.

"I offer a professional service that works, and I am there to listen and to offer you guidance. Take action today and call 07742 132754 for a confidential chat. 

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